Company Heritage

Founded in October 1978 as Grinding Technology Inc., GTI Technologies began as a representative organization providing sales and service for a number of precision European grinding machine manufacturers throughout North America. In the beginning our customer base consisted of traditional automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing customers.

Shortly thereafter, we began working with one our principles, GMN, and Bell Lab’s engineers to develop the first silicon wafer backside grinders for the fledgling semiconductor industry. The emergence of the semiconductor and electronics industries opened new doors of opportunity for GTI. We soon added new lines to our semiconductor products including the Takatori Corporation, who was an industry leader in automated tape / detape systems to support the backgrinding process.

Over the years GTI has gradually transitioned its business to focus primarily on the semiconductor industry. With that transition, our base of operations has been expanded to include Europe and Russia. Since GTI’s founding in 1978, we have been on the leading edge of our specialties. We bring almost 40 years of experience to the products we offer and aftermarket support that is second to none.


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