The Takatori TWR-300 wire saw is a new innovation for the cutting of composite materials including aramid and aluminum honeycomb, sandwich panels, and CFRP including very thick CFRP. Taking advantage of Takatori’s 20 years of experience in wire sawing, the TWR-300 uses diamond-coated wire to cut, resulting in minimal material loss, minimal damage, and significantly reduced particle generation. The current generation of the TWR-300 offers a 300mm x 300mm throat, along with adjustable guide pulleys to allow for fine wire control when cutting thin materials. The machine can run the wire at over 1,500 meters/min, at tensions of up to 90 N. It uses a 0.350mm diameter diamond wire.


Where can you use the new robot wire saw?

  • Aramid honeycomb
  • Aluminum honeycomb
  • CFRP, including very thick material
  • Sandwich manels of honeycomb and CFRP

What is diamond wire?

Diamond wire is a technology originally created for slicing very hard crystalline materials. It is the most common method today for slicing sapphire, one of the hardest materials, to make wafers for LED production. The standard wire is steel, with diamond particles electroplated on resulting in a total wire thickness of only 0.26mm. Learn more about diamond wire HERE.

Why diamond wire?

Using the Takatori TWR-300 and diamond wire brings significant benefits. The thin wire can cut without coolant, and even when cutting quickly it does little damage to the material, helping to preserve even very delicate structures. With little kerf loss you can also save material. Relative to more common technologies like milling, routing, and band saws, diamond wire is significantly cleaner.

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