• TWR-300 Robot Wire Saw

    The Takatori TWR-300 wire saw is a new innovation for the cutting of composite materials including aramid and aluminum honeycomb, sandwich panels, and CFRP including very thick CFRP. Taking advantage of Takatori’s 20+ years of experience in wire sawing, the TWR-300 uses diamond-coated wire to cut, resulting in minimal material loss, minimal damage, and significantly reduced particle generation. The current generation of the TWR-300 offers a 300mm x 300mm throat, along with adjustable guide pulleys to allow for fine wire control when cutting thin materials. The machine can run the wire at over 1,500 meters/min, at tensions of up to 90 N. It uses a 0.350mm diameter diamond wire. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77U8k1IhYfo

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