Low cost, high performance bonding and de-bonding/mounting of wafers using double sided tape.

  • GWS-300

    The GWS is a fully automated solution for bonding wafers up to 300mm. Wafers are presented to the tool with adhesive already applied, and then wafers are bonded in a vacuum chamber for maximum quality.

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  • GWSM-300M

    The GWSM-300M is a manually loaded version of the GWS-300. Bond wafers up to 300mm in a vacuum chamber.

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  • WSM-100

    The WSM-100 is Takatori’s solution for temporary bonding of wafers up to 200mm using double sided tape. Choose heat release or UV release double sided tape to bond wafers in a quick, cost-effective process. Bonding occurs in a vacuum chamber to ensure the highest quality and eliminate bubbles.

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  • WSM-200

    The WSM-200 is a de-bonding and mounting solution for wafers up to 200mm. The machine first mounts wafers on a dicing frame using Takatori’s vacuum bonding technology, and then removes the carrier wafer using either heat or UV exposure (depending on the adhesive type).

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