From the beginning, Takatori has used their unique vacuum lamination technology to mount wafers, ensuring the highest quality lamination with minimum force and no micro-bubbles. They have an incredibly flexible line of mounting machines, and can meet any need. Use any dicing tape (continuous or pre-cut), double layer DAF, integrate demounting from a wafer carrier, integrate detaping, and safely mount the most delicate thin wafers. Whatever your mounting need, Takatori can meet it.

  • ATM-12000

    The ATM-12000 is a fully automatic frame mounter for 200mm and 300mm wafers.

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  • ATM-12000DR

    The ATM-12000DR is based on the ATM-12000, but includes an integrated post-mounting de-tape function to facilitate processing of thin wafers.

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  • ATM-8100SR

    The ATM-8100 continues to be the basis for Takatori’s multi-role machines. The ATM-8100SR can be configured to integrate de-mounting of bonded wafers, or can include removal of BG tape (including UV tapes).

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  • ATM-8100TK

    Taiko wafers present a unique challenge, but are even the thinnest wafers are suitable for the ATM-8100TK, the industry standard for mounting Taiko wafers. Safely mount with the highest quality, without voids or bubbles.

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