Takatori offers a complete line of BG tape laminators. Fast, dependable, and able to laminate any tape from any manufacturer, Takatori laminators are workhorse machines designed for years of high-volume production. Standard machines like the ATM-1100G are used in fabs all over the world for typical applications. For more challenging requirements, Takatori offers the TEAM-100, a unique machine that separates tape cutting from lamination and then laminates inside of a vacuum chamber for maximum quality.

  • ATM-1100G

    The ATM-1100G is the standard Takatori laminator for wafers up to 200mm in diameter. Highly reliable, with high throughput and the flexibility to use almost any tape from any manufacturer.

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  • ATM-3000

    The ATM-3000 is Takatori’s standard laminator for wafers up to 300mm. Achieve the highest quality lamination of BG tape with minimum tape tension and maximum reliability. The ATM-3000 is ready to be customized to your needs – add FOUP load ports, set the machine up to through-the-wall installation, and more.

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  • TEAM-100

    The TEAM-100 is Takatori’s innovative solution to finding the highest quality wafer lamination. The TEAM-100 separates tape cutting from lamination, allowing a tape circle smaller than the wafer itself and protecting the wafer edge. The unique approach laminates the wafer inside a vacuum chamber with minimum pressure and zero tension, resulting in the highest quality lamination even on difficult wafers.

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