As the demand for thinner and thinner wafers has progressed, Takatori has advanced their capability to provide safe handling and tape removal on even the thinnest wafers. We have a proven track record on even the most challenging application, including special tapes, Taiko wafers, non-contact handling, and more.

  • ATRM-2300

    The ATRM-2300 is the newest detaper for wafers up to 200mm from Takatori, the result of 25 years of experience handling the most challenging applications. The standard machine can handle wafers down to 150 microns, and is available with numerous options to meet your needs. Add UV capability, use special cassettes, add Bernoulli-type end-effectors, and more. Whatever your challenge – warped wafers, special tapes, double-slotted cassettes, the ATRM-2300 can handle it. Also available in the ATRM-2300TK version, which is specially designed to safely detape the thinnest, most challenging TAIKO wafers.

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  • ATRM-2300TK

    Takatori has delivered dozens of machines for processing Taiko wafers, including the ATRM-2300TK, the most advanced detaper on the market. The machine uses specialized handling to deal with ultra-thin, heavily warped wafers safely, and can removed standard or UV tape. Achieve removal with full backside support (adjustable for different step heights) or contact only the Taiko ring and still safely detape even the thinnest wafers.

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  • ATRM-4000

    Safely remove BG tape from wafers up to 300mm with the ATRM-4000. The machine can handle your most demanding applications, and can be configured with UV exposure, FOUP load ports, and more.

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  • TEAM-200

    For some applications it is safest to keep BG on each wafer until after mounting onto a dicing frame. The TEAM-200 is designed to automatically remove BG from mounted wafers, handling wafers down to 50 microns in thickness and up to 200mm in size.

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