Metal liftoff, backside lamination, UV exposure, and more. Takatori is ready to work with you on new applications as well, drawing on 25 years of experience with a wide variety of applications.

  • AMR-2200G

    Lift excess gold or other metals from a wafer’s surface using a simple, effective, tape-based process. No solvents or other chemistry required, and the often valuable metals can be more easily reclaimed from the waste tape.

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  • Package Mounting – ATM-9000 Series

    Takatori also offers solutions for companies looking to mount rectangular package strips prior to dicing. Laminate with the highest quality in a vacuum chamber or maximize throughput with atmospheric lamination

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  • Remounting

    Takatori has developed a specialized tool for remounting wafers – in some processes, mounted wafers need to be moved from one frame or expansion ring to a new frame.

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  • TEAM-100 – Backside Lamination

    Apply tapes to the backside of wafers, with or without frontside contact, using the TEAM-100. Tape is precut and applied in a vaccum chamber, minimizing lamination force and protecting the front side of the wafer. The unique TEAM-100 lamination method, which separates tape cutting from lamination, means that even Taiko wafers can be laminated on the backside.

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