The original wire saws, Takatori multi-sire slurry saws are used for slicing a wide variety of challenging, valuable material. Reduce kerf lose and sub-surface damage and improve yields. Takatori slurry saws are the industry standard for slicing monocrystalline SiC, and are used all over the world to slice glass, ceramics, III-Vs, and more.



Takatori wire saws are built from the ground up to rock the wire. This improves the geometry and surface finish of sliced wafers, reducing post-processing and saving valuable material.

  • MWS-34SN

    The latest generation of the original Takatori wire saw, the MWS-34SN brings multi-wire slicing to smaller diameter materials up to 3” / 80mm in diameter and 4” / 105mm in length. Compact in size and quiet in operation, the MWS-34SN features a simple two-spindle design, Takatori’s unique rocking system, and an advanced servo-controlled tensioning system.

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  • MWS-45SN

    The “big-brother” to the MWS-34SN, the MWS-45SN has a max work size of 4” / 105mm in diameter and 5” / 130mm in length. The machine features the unique Takatori rocking system, and uses a three spindle-design to maximize the work envelope while also allowing for larger pitches.

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  • MWS-610SD

    The standard down-cut multi wire saw from Takatori, the MWS-610SD has a maximum slicing diameter of 6”/150mm and a work length of 10”/270mm. The machine uses three work rollers, allowing larger pitches, and features Takatori’s unique rocking system and auto-winding. A rock-solid, industry proven machine for almost any material.

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  • MWS-612SD

    Based on the proven design of the MWS-610SD, the MWS-612SD uses a simplified 2-spindle design to improve rigidity and increase slicing length to 12” / 300mm while sharing the 6” / 150mm max diameter.

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