The WSD series of small wire saws brings 25 years of Takatori experience in production wire saws into your lab, R&D facility, university, or pilot production facility. The WSD series of machines are highly flexible, capable machines for slicing almost any material using diamond wire, either with a single wire or 5 to 10 wires.

  • WSD-K2

    The WSD-K2 is the first small-scale wire saw from Takatori. Designed for R&D and limited pilot production, the WSD-K2 uses diamond wire to slice workpieces up to 156mm in diameter using 1 to 10 wires. The machine is popular for diamond wire process development, and is used for materials like sapphire, SiC, glass, and more. The physics department at the University of California Santa Barbara use the WSD-K2 to slice bulk crystals of GaN grown by Nobel prize-winning physicist Shuji Nakamura.

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  • WSD-K3

    The “big brother” of the WSD-K2, increasing the maximum workpiece diameter to 200mm.

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  • WSD-3A

    A new diamond wire machine from Takatori, designed for slicing large blocks of hard materials from rounded ingots down to squared blocks.

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