Takatori diamond wire saws are the industry standard for slicing sapphire and other advanced materials. Featuring high wire speeds and the original rocking head, Takatori diamond wire saws offer high-speed slicing of even the hardest materials with top notch quality.

  • MWS-612DD

    Based on the popular MWS-612SD, this machine is designed for running diamond wire only, and is a popular choice for companies producing sapphire and other challenging materials.

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  • MWS-612DN

    The industry standard for slicing sapphire, the DN is a totally different design from Takatori. The new design allows wire speeds up to 1500 m/min, and reduces the number of pulleys for lower COO.

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  • MWS-812SD

    Takatori’s largest standard wire saw, the MWS-812SD can be configured for diamond wire or slurry, and can cut workpieces up to 200mm / 8” in diameter and 300mm / 12” long. An even larger work envelope is possible for some applications.

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