Takatori has taken their extensive experience in textile cutting and created a machine for precision cutting of composite sheets. The TAC-C series provides high speed, automatic cutting of composite materials.

  • Robot Wire Saw

    The Takatori TWR-300 wire saw is a new innovation for the cutting of composite materials including aramid and aluminum honeycomb, sandwich panels, and CFRP including very thick CFRP. Taking advantage of Takatori’s 20+ years of experience in wire sawing, the TWR-300 uses diamond-coated wire to cut, resulting in minimal material loss, minimal damage, and significantly reduced particle generation.

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  • TAC-C

    The TAC-C Series of carbon fiber cutting equipment is based on Takatori’s successful and production-proven TAC series of textile cutting equipment. Suitable for small lots of parts, the TAC-C can be configured with tables up to 12 meters long and either 1200mm or 1600mm wide. A vacuum table provides stability during cutting. Import CAD data right into the machine, and add optional ultrasonic cutting if needed.

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