• GTI at the 2017 CAMX Expo

    Today was the first day of the 2017 CAMX show in Orlando, Florida. The show is the largest composites and advanced materials show in North America, and was originally scheduled for September until Hurricane Irma came to town. Despite the delay, the show was well attended by composites professionals from all over the world. At…

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  • Cutting Composites with Diamond Wire

    Diamond wire has been used for many years by companies looking to cut very hard materials, particularly sapphire, into thin wafers. Producers needed a fast cutting method that minimized material loss and damage, and diamond wire delivered. Takatori has taken decades of wire saw experience in hard materials and created a small, flexible wire saw…

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  • Takatori Slicing Solutions for R&D and Pilot Production

    The WSD-K2 and WSD-K3 deliver Takatori slicing quality and reliability for customers looking for smaller-scale slicing capability. Whether used for pilot production, material R&D, or process development, the K2 and K3 offer a powerful, flexible solution to customers not yet ready for a production-scale machine. It also finds use at production facilities for development purposes,…

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