GTI has remained in operation throughout the current emergency, providing spare parts, consumables, and phone support to our customers in order to keep machines running. We remain open during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm Eastern Time) though our staff is often working from home in order to minimize the potential for exposure. As of October 1st, sales travel remains restricted, but we are performing service with limitations; travel outside of the USA is for the most part not possible, and we can only travel to certain states due to travel restrictions put in place by the State of Connecticut (link for more information  

We are doing our best to leverage technology to provide service, and are happy to work over the phone, MS Teams, Facetime, or most other video conferencing systems to evaluate any issues you may be experiencing with your machines. The availability of spare parts and consumables is unaffected, though delivery times may be extended due to shipping delays.