GTI participated in Semicon West 2018 in San Francisco, marking almost 30 years in the semiconductor industry.

We met with numerous new customers, spent time with some of our most important existing customers, and met with our regional reps and other business partners.

As always, Semicon West this year was packed with innovative products from companies all over the world. A number of keynote speakers hit on the key technologies driving our industry today, including AI (artificial intelligence), self-driving cars, IoT, and the ever-growing pace of data generation in today’s world. IBM’s Senior VP of Cognitive Solutions, John Kelly, noted that the total volume of data will DOUBLE every 12 to 18 months and that this massive store of information will require new approaches to organize and access.

Overall, the forecast for the semiconductor equipment industry is strong, with future revenues in excess of $500 billion expected by 2020, and $1 trillion by 2030 (or earlier, according to SEMI).

We look forward to seeing you at next year’s Semicon West.