In the constantly evolving world of semiconductor manufacturing, customers often seek special machines for new applications.

For decades GTI and Takatori have provided customers with special machines customized to meet their specific needs. Takatori is able to add many optional features to their machines, including Bernoulli-type end effectors, OCR/BCR, special cassettes for thin wafers and more, but our ability to customize goes far beyond adding options.

Recently, a customer came to GTI seeking a solution for laminating the backside of a wafer. Takatori made extensive modifications to its TEAM-100ARF vacuum laminator to meet their needs, including low-contact end-effectors, wafer flipping, and an edge-contact lamination chuck. The TEAM-100ARF’s unique low-force lamination process allow for high-quality lamination with very low force; this unique lamination method makes it possible to laminate a wafer held only on the very edges and unsupported in the middle, protecting the patterned active side of the wafer.

Oftentimes, customer modifications yield solutions that become standard process for a number of applications industry-wide. Such is the case with dry film lamination, which began in the 1990s as a customized solution for a customer requiring special tape handling, more robust lamination pressure control, and a special heated chuck. What started as a custom machine became a standard solution as more customers approached the same challenge.

We have built special laminators, detapers, mounters and more. How can we help with your challenge? Contact GTI to learn about Takatori’s customized machines.