Tape lamination has moved far beyond the standard backgrinding application, as companies have created new films for MEMS, TSV, bumps, pillars, and other advanced packaging applications.

The Takatori TEAM approach provides the most innovative and capable solution for laminating these films, providing the highest quality lamination for the most demanding applications.

Vacuum Lamination:

Standard tape lamination generally rolls tape onto a wafer, but to achieve the highest quality lamination it is often better to laminate using vacuum. The Takatori TEAM-series of machines laminate wafers in a vacuum chamber without rollers and with very low force. The result is even lamination that fills in even deep features and all but eliminates micro bubbles. The lamination can be done at such low force that backside lamination is also possible, even using a non-contact chuck.

Pre-Cutting Tape:

Tape laminators usually laminate tape onto a wafer and cut the tape along the edge of the wafer, but the Takatori TEAM-series uniquely separates tape cutting from lamination. Tape is pre-cut on a separate stage, and then is transferred to a vacuum chamber where it is laminated onto a wafer. This not only provides for zero-tension lamination, it also allows for “inner cutting,” a technique where the tape circle is cut to a slightly smaller diameter than the wafer. This avoids any overhanging edges and applies the film only where it is needed.

Multi-Layer Lamination:

The tape pre-cutting capability of the TEAM-series opens the door to multi-layer lamination, allowing customers to layer multiple layers of tape onto a wafer.


The Takatori TEAM-series of lamination machines provides a unique capability to customers looking for an advanced lamination solution. Contact GTI today to learn more.