Diamond wire has been used for many years by companies looking to cut very hard materials, particularly sapphire, into thin wafers. Producers needed a fast cutting method that minimized material loss and damage, and diamond wire delivered.

Takatori has taken decades of wire saw experience in hard materials and created a small, flexible wire saw designed to be mounted on an industrial robot to cut composite materials. This is a new cutting method for composites, and it offers certain advantages.

Reduced Damage

One of the greatest advantages of diamond wire is the reduction in damage. When cutting honeycomb materials, aggressive cutting methods can damage the workpiece. Delicate feathered edges can be difficult, particularly when cutting aluminum core. diamond wire can deliver uniquely low-impact cutting, delivering precise results even when cutting the most delicate parts. The reduced damage during cutting also reduces the need for hand-finishing, saving material and time.

When cutting carbon fiber, diamond wire cutting delivers a high quality cut while almost eliminating delamination, leaving behind a clean, straight cut without hanging fibers.

Diamond wire cutting can also be an effective solution for cutting sandwich panels, as it quickly cuts through both carbon fiber and various core materials.

Clean Cutting

Cutting with diamond wire saves time down stream not just by delivering high quality cuts, but also by being clean. Particle generation is minimal, and the minimum damage to the workpiece also means less particulate. Cutting is also usually done dry, without coolant, eliminating another potential source of problems.


Cutting composite materials with diamond wire has certain speed advantages. The machine can cut through various core materials quickly and efficiently, with the multi-axis robot providing a capable platform for making complex shapes. Some geometry can be cut much more efficiently than with competing technology.

When cutting thick carbon fiber some real advantages become apparent. In addition to the excellent cut quality, diamond wire is capable of cutting quickly through even very thick CF, and cutting prepreg is also possible.


Diamond wire is competitive with other cutting technologies, and the constant pressure from the sapphire and solar markets for higher quality at lower prices will continue the downward path of diamond wire pricing.

We look forward to working together with you to see how diamond wire cutting can help your composites application.

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