The WSD-K2 and WSD-K3 deliver Takatori slicing quality and reliability for customers looking for smaller-scale slicing capability. Whether used for pilot production, material R&D, or process development, the K2 and K3 offer a powerful, flexible solution to customers not yet ready for a production-scale machine. It also finds use at production facilities for development purposes, cutting seed crystals, and other applications that would otherwise occupy a production machine.

Why choose this machine over the competition?

The WSD-K2 and K3 are first and foremost Takatori wire saws. Takatori has been building multi-wire saws for 30 years, and is the industry standard for numerous applications. While small, the K2/K3 still offers Takatori quality, both in build and output. A robust control system allows for detailed, multi-step programming of slicing parameters, and the available Y/Theta table allows for multi-cut programming for cutting longer pieces or for dicing applications. The K2/K3 can be operated in single wire or multi-sire modes, and can quickly be switched between the two. Use wire from any manufacturer, including very thin wire. The WSD-K2 and K3 are quiet, capable, and dependable.

Why choose a smaller wire saw over a larger wire saw?

Sometimes a small saw is all you need. With numerous materials the crystals are small, whether due to manufacturing constraints or demand, and a large wire saw is not feasible. For other companies that already have multi-wire saws, they may not want to sacrifice production time for small-scale development or cutting seed crystal, making a small wire saw a good investment.

What can it do?

The K2/K3 uses diamond wire to cut various materials, usually (but exclusively) monocrystalline materials for semiconductor, photonics, or optical applications. The WSD-K2 can cut materials up to 156mm in diameter, and the K3 up to 200mm in diameter, using diamond wire. The machine can operate with a single wire or multiple wires, depending on customer needs.

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